Product Name

adarsh mobi school

We are in the age of mobility where we have access to everything via our "SMART" devices. We know that mobile applications have given us freedom of space. But still education industry in India still has not capitalised on mobile applications. More than 99% school are still dependent on traditional mode of communication like work diaries,physical notice board and voice calls to connect with parents of students.

Elite group has done rigorous research on how it can fill the communication void in our school systems.So,we came to conclusion that there is no other way than mobile platform to bridge the gap. Mobile apllications are reliable as well as convenient way to modernize the mode of communication among education institutes and parents of students.

so ,we accepted the challange and worked hard on a mobile application or we can say mobile in novation for management of school communication among staff and parents of words .The application is independently avaiable on iOS and Android smart devices to get familiar with regular activities happening in the school of students by their parents.

AIM:To deliver a reliable,effective and a faster medium for transfer of information thus saving time ,cost and efforts.